The rise and rise of SUP.

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) continues to grow in popularity in Australia and around the world. Most weekends in summer you will see paddleboarders on and around the waterways. It is often quoted that SUP is the fastest growing watersport in the world and anecdotal evidence suggests this is also the case in Australia. For many SUP is their first choice for physical fitness. There are a lot of information being generated both on the physical and emotional benefits of SUP. Groups around the country are organizing regular SUP time trials and SUP competitions of all types are having record numbers of entrants. The Feburary Foster Island Paddle festival offered 5 different events for SUP and the great lakes advocate reported that there were an Australian record of 273 competitors across all divisons.

Over the last weekend Harry’s Paddle a charity paddle was organised by 2UPSUP for the local charity Harry’s House was held in Stockton, just north of Newcastle. I was there exhibiting products from my online shop and  was amazed at the determination and athleticism of the participants of the BOP (Battle of the Paddle).  Held at the Surf Club , in a 40km Southerly , the conditions were very challenging to say the least. There were 111 paricipants and the results of the BOP were.

Mens 12.6harryBOP

  1. Kelly Margetts
  2. James Casey
  3. Toby Cracknell

Womans 12.6

  1. Karla Gilbert
  2. Angie Jackson
  3. Terrene Black

Here is a quick video edit of some of the event.  I have about an hour of the BOP event that I am enhancing and will put that up as a whole video so if you competed I’m sure there will be video of you coming out of the water gracefully. When its ready I will post on my supadventure facebook page.